Kanaung Asia Construction

If you are looking to buy apartment/condo or build commercial, industrial, residential building in Myanmar, we can help you.

Welcome to our company

KANAUNG ASIA GROUP was formed in 2003 as Architectural Design Firm. We entered in the field of building construction in 2007 according to request by our clients. In order to participate and perform more widely in the construction field. our management team migrated our group to company as KANAUNG ASIA CONSTRUCTION COMPANY LIMITED.

Since our humble beginning, it has been rapidly expanding in construction industry on providing innovative solutions and quality to our various clients.

- Applying practical and innovative solutions to complex environmental challenges.
- We are focused on providing a quality service to our clients in the most efficient and effective matter.

- We have primary objectives to develop our nation on providing continuous implementation services such as construction of residential buildings, industrial buildings and commercial buildings.